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What is Molybdenum Disilicide Used For

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Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 is a kind of intermediate phase with the highest silicon material in Mo-Si binary alloy system, and it is a Dalton kind intermetallic compound with dealt with structure. It has the dual characteristics of metal and also ceramic, as well as it is a sort of heat product with excellent performance.

MoSi2 has great oxidation resistance at heat, and the oxidation resistance temperature is as high as 1600 ℃, which resembles that of SiC. It has modest density (6.24 g/cm3), low thermal expansion coefficient (8.1 × 10 ^ -6 K ^ -1), good electrothermal conductivity, as well as ceramic-like solidity and also brittleness listed below the greater brittle-ductile transition temperature level (1000 ℃). It shows metal-like soft plasticity above 1000 ℃. MoSi2 is primarily utilized as burner, incorporated circuit, heat oxidation resistance finish and also heat structural material.

In MoSi2, molybdenum and silicon are bound by steel bonds, silicon and also silicon are connected by covalent bonds, and molybdenum disilicide is a gray tetragonal crystal. It is insoluble generally mineral acids (including aqua regia), but soluble in a combination of nitric acid and also hydrofluoric acid. It has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature and can be used as a burner for working in oxidation environment at heat (< 1700 ℃).

What is Molybdenum disilicide utilized for?

Molybdenum disilicide is made use of in heat anti-oxidation coating materials, electric heating elements, integrated electrode movies, structural products, reinforcers of composites, wear-resistant materials as well as bonding products of structural porcelains. Specifically:

Energy chemical market: electric heating elements, high temperature warmth exchangers of atomic activator devices, burner, heat thermocouples and their protective tubes, thawing vessel crucibles (for melting sodium, lithium, lead, bismuth, tin and also various other metals).

Microelectronics sector: MoSi2 and other refractory metal silicide Ti5Si3, WSi2, TaSi2 are essential candidate products for entrance and also adjoin movies of large integrated circuits.

Aerospace sector: as a high temperature anti-oxidation finishing product has actually been comprehensive and also in-depth research study and also application. Particularly as the material of wind turbine engine parts, such as blades, impellers, heaters, tail nozzles as well as sealing tools.

Automotive industry: turbocharger rotors, valve bodies, ignition system and also engine components for cars.

Which constraints does MoSi2 have?

MoSi2 shows reduced toughness at temperature levels listed below 1000 ° C, which suggests that the product is really brittle at space temperature and also it becomes plastic only at higher temperature levels.

As well as it shows bad creep resistance at temperature levels above 1200 ° C.

Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 Powder Price

The cost is influenced by several variables including the supply and also need on the market, industry patterns, financial activity, market view, and unexpected occasions.

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