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What is Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

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Titanium Nitride Powder Titanium Nitride , the chemical equation is TiN. This is a golden cube crystal. The molecular weigh is 61.89. The melting temperature is 2950. The density is 5.43g/cm3.

Titanium Nitride powder: Physical-chemical properties
Titanium Nitride is a ceramic material that is very hard. It is similar to diamond. Titanium Nitride is stable chemically at room temperatures, but it is attacked and oxidized by hot concentrated acid at 800 atmosphere pressure. It has the reflective properties of an infrared light (IR), but the spectrum is similar to the one of gold (Au), which is why it is pale-yellow.
Titan nitride has a relative friction coefficient between 0.4 and 0.9, depending on the material of the substrate as well as the surface finish. Its typical structure is sodium-chloride type (relative stoichiometry between elements is around 1:1) and its thermodynamic stability coefficient is 0.6 to 1.2. The first superinsulating material in the world is a thin titanium nitride film cooled to almost absolute zero. It adds 100,000 units of insulation.

Titanium Nitride powder properties
Other Names Tinite, TiNite, TiN powder, nitridotitanium
CAS No. 25583-20-4
Compound Formula TiN
Molecular Weight 61.87
Appearance Golden brown powder
Melting Point 2950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.43g/cm3
Solubility in Water Unsolvable
Exact Mass 61.951

Titanium Nitride CAS 25583-20-4 Powder

Is Titanium Nitride stronger than Steel?
When titanium is alloyed, for example, with aluminum or Vanadium, the result is a metal that is much stronger than steel. In terms of strength, titanium alloys perform better than stainless steel grades lower and medium. The strongest grade of stainless steel is stronger, however.
Titanium is the strongest metal known. Titanium has the same strength of steel but is 45% lighter.

Titanium Nitride powder: Applications
It can be used in powder metallurgy as well as for conductive and decorative materials. The material is widely used in aerospace, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. The material is electrically conductive and can be utilized as electrodes or electrical contacts for molten salted electrolysis. It can also serve as an additive for hard-cutting instruments. Specifically,
1. It is common to use titanium nitride on metal edges of mechanical molds like drills and milling tools, which can improve their lifespan by up to three factors.
2. Due to its metallic luster it is commonly used in clothing and car decorations. As an outer coating, nickel (Ni) and chromium are usually used as substrates, packaging pipes and door and windows hardware.
3. The coatings are also used for aerospace and military purposes, to protect bicycle and motorcycle suspensions, and the dampening shafts on remote-controlled cars.
4. Material is FDA approved and non-toxic. This makes it a popular material for medical devices such as orthopedic bone saws and scalpel blades.
5. Titanium nitride can be used to create a barrier in microelectronics between active devices, and metal contacts. When the film diffuses into silicon metal the conductivity (30 to 70m o*cm), is enough to create a good conductive contact.
6. This special metal has both the chemical and mechanical characteristics of a ceramic. It is used extensively in 45nm chip designs today to improve the performance transistors. By combining titanium with a dielectric gate layer (e.g. HfSiO has a dielectric constant that can be improved. The gate length can also be reduced, the leakage can be lower, the driving current can be higher and the threshold voltage is better or the same than standard SiO2.
7. The high biostability of the alloy extends the application of bioelectronic electrodes, such as the prosthesis project under the retina and the micro-electro-mechanical system (bio-mems) in biomedicine, which enables intelligent implants or in vivo biosensors to withstand severe humoral corrosion.

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