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BASF has always been committed to meeting customer needs and optimizing its production and supply network in the constantly changing and developing global market. Recently, BASF announced that it will expand the defoamer capacity of its Dilovasi factory in Türkiye to meet the growing market demand. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of environmental requirements, the demand for defoamers will further increase, and the performance and environmental requirements of defoamers will also become more stringent. Therefore, developing efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe defoamers will be an important direction for future development.

(Defoaming agent)

Expand production capacity to meet market demand

With the global economy’s recovery and industrial production growth, the demand for defoamers is also constantly increasing. As the world’s leading chemical manufacturer, BASF saw the potential of this market and decided to expand its defoamer capacity in Dilovasi, Türkiye.

(Defoaming agent)

Promoting sustainable development

The impact of chemical production on the environment is of great concern worldwide. As a responsible company, BASF has always promoted sustainable development. By expanding the defoamer capacity of Türkiye’s Dilovasi plant, BASF will take a series of environmental protection measures, such as reducing waste emissions and improving energy efficiency, to reduce its impact on the environment. This will help BASF achieve its sustainable development goals and gain recognition and support from more customers.

(Defoaming agent)

Looking ahead to the future

Along with the global economy’s continuous enhancement and industrial production growth, there is still great room for development in the defoamer market. BASF’s expansion of defoamer capacity in Türkiye’s Dilovasi plant will further consolidate its position in the market and bring more development opportunities. We look forward to BASF continuing to leverage its innovative capabilities and strategic vision, continuously launching higher quality products and services, and making greater contributions to the development of the global industry. At the same time, a defoaming agent is a chemical substance used to eliminate or inhibit foam. Due to its widespread application in various industrial fields, defoamers have become indispensable to many production processes.

The application areas of defoaming agents

Oil and natural gas industry: Transportation and processing, foam problems often occur. Defoamers can effectively inhibit and eliminate these foams, thus improving oil and gas recovery and transportation efficiency.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: In the chemical reaction process, foam production may affect the reaction efficiency and product quality. The application of a defoamer can control and eliminate this foam to ensure smooth production.

Paper industry: In the production process of paper, foam will affect the fluidity of pulp and the quality of paper. Defoamers can effectively eliminate these foam and improve the production efficiency and quality of paper.

Food and beverage industry: Foam affect the appearance and taste of products. Defoamers can effectively inhibit and eliminate these foams and enhance the quality and consistency of products.

Water treatment industry: In sewage treatment and water purification, the foam problem may affect the treatment efficiency and effect. Applying a defoamer can effectively eliminate this foam and improve the efficiency and quality of water treatment.

Coating and paint industry: in the production and use of coatings and paints, foam will affect the performance and quality of products. Defoamers can effectively eliminate these foam and improve the performance and use effect of the product.

Textile industry: In the production process of textiles, foam will affect the uniformity of dyes and the quality of fabrics. Applying a defoamer can effectively eliminate these foam and improve the quality and consistency of textiles.


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