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Trunnano Concrete Foaming Agent

With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing consciousness of environmental protection, the search for more environmentally friendly and efficient building materials has become a major trend today. As a leader in this field, the Huatai plant protein compound foaming agent is leading the construction industry to develop more sustainably with its unique source of plant protein and excellent foaming performance.

(Protein based foaming agent)


Huatai plant protein compound foaming agent: a building material derived from nature

  • Taken from nature, return to nature

The Huatai plant protein compound foaming agent’s core ingredient is a natural plant protein. This plant protein is extracted from agricultural by-products, such as soybean meal, cottonseed meal, etc., which enriches waste’s utilization value and reduces environmental pressure.

  • Green production, no pollution

Compared with traditional foaming agents, Huatai plant protein compound foaming agents have no harmful gas emissions during production, effectively reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, its production process consumes low energy and conforms to the environmental protection concept of energy conservation and emission reduction.

(Protein based foaming agent)
  • Persistence and biodegradability

Huatai plant protein compound foaming agent not only has superior physical properties but also has good biodegradability. This means that when its service life is over, microorganisms can decompose it in the natural environment and return to nature.

Huatai plant protein compound foaming agent: excellent building material

  • Lightweight, high strength, thermal insulation

Building materials from Huatai plant protein composite foaming agents are lightweight and high-strength. At the same time, its excellent thermal insulation performance provides a comfortable indoor environment for the building and effectively reduces energy consumption.

  • Water resistance and durability

Materials from this foaming agent have excellent water resistance and remain stable even in humid environments. Experimentally proven, its durability is comparable to traditional construction methods.

  • Innovative design and application areas

With its unique physical properties, Huatai plant protein composite foaming agent has been widely used in construction, packaging, thermal insulation and other fields. Its innovative design concepts and wide application prospects bring unlimited possibilities to the construction industry.

As a new type of bio-based foaming agent, protein foaming agent has wide application prospects and huge market potential. With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing social attention to environmental protection and health, protein foaming agents will be applied and promoted in more fields.

Wide application of protein foaming agents

Protein complex foaming agents have been widely used in the construction field. For example, it can produce foam concrete, partition panels, laths and other building materials. In addition, it can also be used in the production of roofs, roof insulation layers, floor heating foam concrete insulation layers, sound insulation, and thermal insulation cushions. Applying this foaming agent improves the thermal insulation performance and sound insulation effect of buildings and helps reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

(Protein based foaming agent)

Protein complex foaming agents are also widely used in packaging and insulation. Due to its good thermal insulation and compression resistance properties, this foaming agent can package fragile items or items that need maintaining temperature. At the same time, due to their lightweight and high strength, protein composite foaming agents can also be used to make lightweight packaging materials, reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions.

(Protein based foaming agent)


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